Seeing Mamtadi is jealous! What is the reason behind Salman’s comments at the opening stage of Kolkata Film Festival?

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By Sourav

Chander Hat was the opning stage of the 29th Kolkata Film Festival on Tuesday afternoon. Sourav Ganguly, Shatrughan Snha, Sonakshi Sinha, Mahesh Bhatt, Anil Kapoor spoke one by one in front of the packed Netaji Indoor audience. But Salman Khan kept the rush of the opening ceremony as expected.

Kolkata Film Festival

Usually, the audience is used to hearing solemn speeches from distinguished guests who come to film festivals. But Bhaijaan brought a smile to the faces of the strangers in his natural manner in an apparently serious atmosphere. In the beginning, after being silent for a while, he said, “Those who said it before me really upset me. Because they left nothing for me to say.

Salman gave a concert at Kolkata’s East Bengal Ground on May 13. He then came to the city and met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Recalling that topic, Salman said, “Last time Didi requested. I came here today because I promised.” Borrowing the famous dialogue from his film, Salman then said, “Because once I have spoken to someone, I don’t even listen to myself.”

Last time Salman came to Kolkata and went to Mamata’s house. “I just wanted to see if Didi lives in a smaller house than me,” the actor said on Tuesday. But I went and saw that it was true.” As fans know, despite being the country’s first superstar, Salman lives in a one-room flat in Mumbai’s Bandra’s Galaxy Residence. Laughing, the actor said, ‚ÄúSeeing Didi really makes me jealous. Because I saw that he really lives in a house smaller than mine.” Speaking of which, Anil Kapoor or Mahesh Bhatt’s house is bigger than his residence. In Bhaijaan’s words, “Actually simple-minded people like me and Didi don’t need much to live.”

Having run out of words several times in the middle of the speech, Salman prepared to leave the podium. But at the request of the audience, he started saying it again. In fact, he did everything in a funny way.

Salman sat on the stage next to the Chief Minister at the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday. Sometimes he is also seen talking to Mamta. But not only Hindi, Salman also spoke to the audience in Bengali. Hearing dialogues like “How is Calcutta” or “I love you” in his mouth, there was a flood of applause in the theater. Salman was also seen singing along to the song ‘Zindagi Ki Ehi Reet Hai’ from his popular film ‘Mr India’ with Anil Kapoor on stage. Anil reminds him that the screenwriter of that film is actually Salman’s father Salim Khan.

When the Chief Minister requested Salman to come to Kolkata again, Salman also promised that he would come to this city again and shoot. Respecting the talent of Bengal, he said at the end of his speech, “Now Bollywood is alive because Bengalis are there. We have given you work for so long. This time it’s our turn to come here and work.”

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