Now, hide the private chat list on WhatsApp; here’s how new feature works

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By Sourav

WhatsApp is introducing a new functionality for users, enabling them not only to secure their chats but also to conceal the folder containing these confidential conversations.

In a tweet dated November 30, WhatsApp disclosed an upcoming feature that empowers users to hide their folder of locked chats. As of now, the feature is accessible to certain beta users through an update.

You can unveil this list by entering a ‘secret code’ in the search bar.

WA Beta Info provided users with a sneak peek into the appearance of the upcoming feature.

Once the secret code is applied, locked chats will no longer be visible in the chats list. Instead, users can access them by entering the secret code in the search bar.

According to WA Beta Info, some users may also receive an additional feature enabling them to clear the list of locked chats within their privacy settings. This is designed as a precaution in case a user forgets their secret code and is unable to access their locked chats.

Earlier this year, the messaging platform introduced a feature allowing users to secure their chats with individuals or groups using a password or fingerprint. Media in these chats will not be automatically saved to the device.

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